Fun ways to store your jewelry…..

Well the holiday season sure kept us busy!  Now it’s time to to regroup and get clean and organized!  I don’t know about you but after I get the Christmas decorations taken down I go crazy getting things organized!  So we thought we would share these fun ways to organize your jewelry!

This first one is so easy and inexpensive anyone can do it!  Just a towel rod and shower curtain hooks and voila!  I found this idea on this bird can sing.

I think this next one is so pretty.  They just used a burlap covered canvas and door/drawer pulls!  I found this one on A Woman’s Haven.

OK, this one is really eclectic but so cute and fun for earrings!  It was sold on Groove Press but it would be pretty easy to make your own if you have an old cheese grater lying around!

I just LOVE this last one and will be doing this in my closet!  I found this at Mini Manor along with a nice tutorial on how she did it!  It uses cutlery trays and those little rubber coated hooks.  So awesome!

Hopefully these gave you a little inspiration for storing your jewelry!!


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